Musicians Club Self Storage

Rooms at a variety of sizes are at times available for storage. These rooms provide a personal lock up with no limit on the length of time you may require this service. The 10 rooms and one driveway range in size from 55 square mt to 15 square mt. Each room has its own rating of factors due to

  • access
  • stairs to navigate
  • doorways to gain access through
  • security levels.

The square meter of each room reflects the cost rate per week.

The Musicians Club’s Self Storage – Standard Terms and Conditions Agreements require our customers to sign and abide by.

If you would like storage – please phone : Cynthia Hammer 021 277 5093

Self Storage Agreement

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Feel free to get in touch if you are interested in renting storage space with us.

Alternatively, feel free to call Cynthia Hammer on 021 277 5093, or to email us at

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